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In today’s highly competitive business world, forward-looking Engineering management and technical competence play a significant role, if not a more significant one, as does capital investment. Expert Engineering invariably results in higher returns on capital investment and more efficient utilization of available resources. It further results in closer-to-ideal quality levels for customers as well as economic growth and increased national wealth for nations. Without doubt, a higher level of economic power ultimately yields a more prosperous and enjoyable life for mankind in the global arena.

For bridging the gap between Academia and Industry, rapid technological development, gradual distancing of the designers from knowledge of the world, the need for Short & Long Term Specialized Training Courses, is more crucial than ever.

With several years of professional experiences in consultant engineering companies, taught at reputed universities across the country, as well as specialized courses in various industries, including oil, gas, petrochemical, cement, steel, etc. It’s my great pleasure and honor to declare that the Behbood Sanat Niroo Consultant Engineers is trying to contribute their share in improving the design, engineering education and providing the necessary infrastructure for development of projects, reliance on the existence of prominent scholars and experts.

Thanks to the valuable experience of BSN’s staff and the use of efficient strategic management, BSN Company has stepped on the path of excellence and its mission to promote knowledge available in Iran industries. While paying tribute to all the celebrated craftsmen, engineers, designers, Experts & pioneers of the engineering education field, We are fully committed to continuing to improving our power industry with emphasis on honesty, transparency and innovation.

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